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TV And Magazines



Zest Magazine / April 2006

Features the new waterproof Bath Bunny from Mantric


Independant on sunday/Nov 2005

Feature ad for the independant on sunday magazine


Company Magazine / December 2005

Features the all new peekaboo lapdancing game. She comes first guide to cunnilingus, and the ultra silent whisper vibe

Company Magazine / August 2005

Features our multi-purpose love mask. A fun black satin mask with elasticated strap to put the mystery back into your sex life!

Scarlet Magazine / March 2005

Features our Sexy Book's to really spice up your bedtime reading and learn lots of orgasmic new tips

Company Magazine / March 2005

Hot Stuff - These lubes get hot when you blow on them. With nine mouth-watering flavours, its' a taste/touch sensation! £9.99 

Company Magazine / February 2005

Improve your sex life for under £5 - ID Sensation Warming Liquid Mini 1oz £3.99

Cosmopolitan Magazine / December 2004 

Our Mantric Multi-Pulse was awarded Sexy Treat of the Month for Christmas £34.99 - a HOT powerful and extremely versatile couple's toy from                            

Company Magazine / September 2004 

Improve your sex life for under £5 - pick a card, any card.. With Eat me/Strip me/Love me greeting cards, £1.99 each,, you can tell your man exactly what your feeling. Leave one on his pillow, or post it to him, and hell give you a greeting worth writing home about.

Cosmopolitan Magazine / August 2004 

I want to be naughtier article featured our The Beginner's Bondage kit, available from which costs £19.99 includes a blindfold and faux fur ankle and wrist cuffs with velcro closures (to avoid those pesky locks).

Sex Fantasies by Women for Women - This book was also featured in this edition of Cosmo as a great book to get you in the mood!

Cosmopolitan Magazine / April 2004 

Featured our Octopus as Sex product of the month.            (£46.99                                          Perfect for couples who love the idea of 'stimulating' public encounters. Slip the soft, silent, vibrating latex ring over his penis and, using the remote control, you can turn him on whenever you want.

Cosmopolitan Magazine / May 2004                                       

Featured our Tantra Beam as Sex product of the month.            (£36.99

This nifty toy wins this month's award, thanks to its cutting-edge design. The multi-speed unit fits over your wrist while a second sits on your finger like a ring. The ring vibrates, and turns your finger unto a magic touching-wand.

Cosmopolitan Magazine / January 2004
Featured our The Amazing Hot Massage Kit as sex toy of the month! £14.99 The scented oil and massage guide in this kit are great - but the clever part is a plastic-coated, heart-shaped cushion. Inside it is a metal disk which, when flexed, activates heat crystals that turn the heart into a spongy mass of warmth. To aid relaxation, I placed the heart on the tense bits of my partners back - while I massaged other areas. He loved it, but was even more impressed when I flipped him over and placed it across his manhood. The additional heat brought blood to the skin's surface, making him extra sensitive. The bad news was that the cushion cooled after 30 minutes and had to be boiled in water before it could be reused. 
Company Magazine / March 2004
Featured our Lust Dust £2.99Improve your sex life for under a £5. Put the fizz back into your foreplay with Lust Dust. The sherbet lemon-flavoured candy can be sprinkled on his bits and licked off for a tasty, tongue-tingling sensation Mmm... 
Company Magazine / December 2003 
Xmas on a G-string

Featured our 'Classy Erotic Gifts' -  52 Weeks of Naughty Nights  £9.99
The Amazing Hot Massage Kit    £14.99  & The Sex Game £14.99
our lubricant sample.  
Cosmopolitan Magazine / December 2003
Featured our Purple G-spot Vibrator as a must have good quality vibe for Christmas £15.99
'Women are, quite literal, taking arousal into their own hands. The largest-ever sex toy survey in the UK has found that two thirds of women own a vibrator, while 20% have more than three.'
Company Magazine / October 2003
Have a flutter Venus Butterfly £14.99 featured as one of Company's 'must have' sex toys in their special 25th birthday issue
Cosmopolitan Magazine / August 2003
The Ultimate Oral Sex Pocket Guide for her £7.99

Do you know what a Œmeatus¹ is? You will after reading this book(it¹s the small opening at the top of the penis where the sperm is ejaculated.) Packed with info, diagrams and a host of seduction techniques to perfect fellatio, the guide comes with free sex mints and a flavoured lubricant sample.
Bed of Roses £14.99
Keep the romantic fire burning with romantic rose petals.. To make sure your relationship sizzles, scatter a trail of scented, silk rose petals from the front door to your bathroom. Then wait for him in a candlelit bath.
"Sex can become routine", says Cosmo Sex Editor Rachel Morris. "Try something different so your home feels like a new, sensuous location, making sex special again." 100 scented silk rose petals with tealight candles and an invite for him!
19 Magazine / August 2003
Little things of wonder ­ Sexy Sherbet

Another great reason to take your clothes of this month: Honey Dust, a sweet powder you sprinkle all over your man¹s body and nibble off any way you think of, is available in two new summer flavours for £12.99 ­ Raspberry Kiss and Tangerines & Cream, Grubs up!

Marie Claire Magazine / July 2003

Article on the owner of Take Me To Bed, Emma Cox¹s sex life and tip¹s

Company Magazine / June 2003
Shopping for sex ­ this month we love:

Lip and Penis Balm Orgasm Boosters Unlike other sex aids, the Penis Balm and Lip Balm, £7.99 each, come in dinky tins and won¹t look out of place on your bedside table. The idea is, you or your man rub them on your bits to give increased sensitivity ­ helping you to achieve the Œultimate orgasm¹. And before you ask, yes, they do mean those lipsŠ
Cosmopolitan Magazine / April 2003
Sizzling sex tip of the month

Blow his mind Try using the Penis Balm Orgasm Booster (£7.99), when you rub this balm on your mouth, then give him oral sex - the ginseng and peppermint oil heightens sensitivity on his penis and prolongs his erection for an extra intense orgasm!
Cosmopolitan Magazine / December 2002
Sexy Treat¹s Featured our Purple Power G-spot Vibrator (£15.99) & Lady Bug clitoral stimulator (£22.99)as Œmust have¹ sex toys!

Cosmopolitan Magazine / November 2002
Sex Toy of the Month
The Tongue Joy

The Tongue Joy Oral Vibrator is chrome-plated, battery-operated Œ body jewellery¹ ­ which vibrates. The TJ is attached to the tongue, using the hypo-allergenic silicone bands provided, so that each kiss, lick, suck can be administered with good vibrations. Combining oral and vibrator sex is like pairing strawberry and cream ­ simply divine.
But Keeping the TJ in place while wiggling your tongue needs practise. I had my co-tester wear the TJ around the base of his finger while delivering manual stimulation, and the additional buzz made a marvel of his handiwork. For our next trick, we tried wedging the TJ between pubic bone (his) and clitoris (mine, obviously) while in the missionary position ­ it¹s snug enough to fit comfortably, small enough not to intimidate the man in your life and powerful enough to make a significant difference.

Cosmo rating: 9/10 Price: £44.99

Company Magazine / October 2002
Shopping for sex: Astro Vibrators

Reach for the stars with a vibrator specifically designed for your star sign. The New Astro Toys range, £21.99 from women-friendly sex shop, Take Me To Bed, consists of twelve variable speed vibrators, each shaped like a sign of the zodiac. Pisces is represented by interwined fishes; Aries is a smiley ran complete with twirly horns. The Toys are made from slightly bendy silicone rubber and a re virtually silent. So, now you can enjoy a 'heavenly' experience without any interruptions!

Also featured in the following magazine's / August 2002
More, New Woman (for our tasty Honey Dust) Real Magazine and the Leed's Guide as the latest 'must see' website to spice up your sexy summer nights!

Company Magazine / June 2002
Shop of the Month -
Women friendly sex website, takemetobed is chock full of tips on how to improve your sex life!

19 Magazine / May 2002
Banana Split

Want to eat your lover all night long, but not keen on the taste of 'man'? Well, we've found the next best thing to dousing your bloke in molten Dairy Milk: Big Banana Motion Lotion. Not only does it taste fruitily delicious on his bits, it heats up when you blow on it! Also available in Raspberry, Wild Cherry, and Lemon & Lime.

£7.99 from

More Magazine / May 2002

Emma Cox from Take Me To Bed, an online emporium for adults, recommends full-length black gloves, at a spine-tingling £17.99. You'll look so elegant, he'll be convinced he's going to get some high-class loving. If it's fun you're after, vixens who want to swing their thing should invest in some sequinned nipple tassels for a sparkling £14.99. 'They're very sexy and fit comfortably over your nipples' says Emma.

Company Magazine / February 2002
Article on the owner of Take Me To Bed, Emma Cox and how she set up the company, "Be a Scarlet Woman" including sex tip's :

"Be open, communicate and explore each other's bodies more, and talk to him like you would a friend. Show him where and how to touch you and teach him how you really want him to please you in a fun friendly way. Don't always expect him to take the lead, you can too. If you want something, go get it!"

"Get him to use a vibrator at the same time as giving you oral sex, its magic!"

Company Magazine / December 2001
Article on A-Z of Sex Toys

which featured our Whisper Vibrator, Venus Butterfly, Slim Butt Plug and Pleasure Balls.

All got rave reviews ~ With the Whisper winning first place!

Living Abroad Magazine / August 6th 2001
Hello big boy...

Got something to boast about in the trouser department? If your love truncheon makes as much of an impact as Marky ' Mark' Wahlberg's did in those famous Calvin Klein ads, then may we suggest the Mould a Willy Kit? Buy one of these kits from and you can make an exact replica of your own willy, then invite all your lady frineds to suck on it!

The process is fun for you and your partner, it takes just a few minutes over a couple of evenings, and for your 'hard' efforts you get an exact jelly or ice lolly mould replica! You can keep the mould and use it over and over all year to make lots of ice-lolly willys and tatsy jellies! There's even a Mould a Boob kit available, where you can make exact replicas of her boobs in a candle, jelly, chocolate or triffle! The perfect excuse to try to get your hands on her melons!

Girl About Town / July 20th 2001
It's on the cards

Turn your evening for two into an exciting night of lusty fun and games. Play Strip-Poker and lick your lips as your partner removes an item of clothing. Or add even more spice to a game of strip cards with the set of Fore-Play cards from website

Each card has two 'commands' - one romantic and sexy, the other raunchy and X-rated. You can play it mild or wild! Complete with an engraved invitation for a sensual evening of desire and passion, and two love candles to help set the mood. Ooh la la!

Sun Newspaper / June 13 2001

The Mould-A-Boob Kit comes complete with everything you need to create exact replicas of your own jubblies. The whole process takes just a few minutes over a couple of evenings and your partner ewill no doubt be keen to lend a hand. Once you've made your moulds, you can re-use them to make as many replicas as you wish in a variety of mediums. How about jelly and ice-cream with a saucy twist, or candles shaped in your own image to give candlelit baths an even more erotic spin?

Sun Newspaper / May 9th 2001
Something for the Weekend

If your man thinks great foreplay is taking his pants off, try getting him going with erotic dice. Instead of having numbers on each side, the glow-in-the-dark dice are covered with commands and body parts. You and your man take turns to throw the dice then follow the instructions which combine blow, massage, tease, lick, tuch, toes, boobs, nipples, lips, kiss and body. And if that selection doesn't excite you there's also a side with a question mark which can represent anything your hearts desires.

Maxim / December issue 2000 
Sarah Hedley womens editor Maxim magazine writes:

Though some male egos suffer deflation at the thought of being assisted by battery-powered plastic, Emma Cox, proprietor of says, 'When a woman masturbates with a vibrator her sex drive increases as does her ability to reach orgasm.' In other words she'll want more sex and need less foreplay. Cox goes on to say that, 'After orgasm, women's vaginas normally stay aroused for up to an hour, so when she gets horny she'll stay horny. You'll come home to find a wild, sexy lady wanting to rip of your clothes and have a piece of your action. Remember the more orgasms she gets, the more she'll want.'

Maxim, January issue 2001 
A-Z of Kinky Sex,

Newly launched as of November 24th this online sex emporium offers 'Mould Your Own Willy' kits, Cyberskin extenders and a complete fantasy wardrobe for raucous roleplay.


Elle / December issue 2000 

More Sex Please, We're British

Nearly half the grown-ups in Britain now own a sex toy, according to new adult website

Stuff magazine November issue 2000

This monthís unclaimed oddity from Stuff Towerís freebie box is a pair of sheer stiletto seam stockings. They were kindly provided by takemetobed by, online suppliers of sex toys, and are perfect for those kinky ñ or criminal ñ tendencies.

Express magazine / Novemeber issue 2000

The site has everything you’d ever need for a naughty night in with your lover or just on your own. On-line shoppers won’t ever have to squirm down to a cheesy sex shop again, as you can feel at ease browsing from the privacy and safety of your own home. If you are after a big black fella, vibrator, love rings or fantasy outfit then it is definitely worth a peak at this site.

B Magazine December Issue

60% of UK adults don't own any sex toys.
We're way behind Europeans in the pleasurable plastics department, but one company is setting about changing the statistics - is a site selling all you need for a naughty night in. Its chock full of stuff such as vibrators, fantasy outfits and sensuous aromatherapy oil blends. With all this and a scenic guide to the Kama Sutra, sex tips and an online sexpert, quite nights in need never be the same again!

LAM Magazine December Issue is a new website, which says: 60% of UK adults dont own any sex toys. Thats probably cos I own enough for the rest of the world!) No vibrators, handcuffs, love rings - nada.

Sex therapists put it down to the fact that were living in Britain, where the people are more old-fashioned and prudish. Whereas the Mediterraneans have a lot more plastic in their bedside cabinets and a lot more fun.

Well, we cant have that now can we? Its the millennium, and what better time to throw those inhibitions (and clothes!) to the wind and make a few naughty purchases. sells everything youd ever need to get passion in full flow, whether on your own or with a lover.

On-line shoppers can feel at ease browsing from the privacy and safety of their own homes, so they dont have to squirm to the sex shop and grab the first thing they see.

As well as candles, oils, fantasy outfits, bondage equipment, penis extenders, dolls, clitoral stimulators, the site contains sex tips, a new scenic guide to the famous Kama Sutra. Hot stuff!




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