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Christmas Presence by Jenny Harlow


Gemma arrived at the Ski Lodge which was set on the bottom of a range of amazing mountains, and dashed into the foyer. Directly in front of her was the staircase that led to the bedrooms, to her right the restaurant, and the left the bar, with a big open log fire, and sheepskin rugs. At that moment her best friend Joanne came down the stairs and grabbed her into a hug.

‘Gem - you made it - this Christmas is going to be the best. Chris is upstairs helping Beth, his sister, to unpack.

‘Great. Um, is Paul here yet?’

Joanne looked at her for a minute as if deciding what to say. Then she grinned.

‘He’s upstairs. Not still carrying that torch are you?’ Without waiting for an answer she headed back up the stairs, and left Gemma to get her key from the desk.

 Going down to dinner, Gemma chose to wear a chunky off the shoulder jumper and a long skirt that hugged her tight curves. As she descended the staircase, she saw Paul standing under the Christmas tree in the bar, talking to one of their friends. Immediately her eyes drifted to his wonderful bum, now looking splendid in black denim. She had been in love with his smile since the first time she had met him. His presence made her glow. She loved his conversation but couldn’t get away from the fact her body lusted after his, or the fact that he made a warmth stir in her loins when he hugged her or looked at her too long.

 And sure enough, as he grabbed her into a massive bear hug her heart sped and her breathing quickened. She pulled away, knowing she was flushed and laughed slightly, flustered.

‘How are you Paul?’

‘Good, but better for seeing you.’

Gemma smiled. If only he knew how much his simple throw away lines touched her. She gestured to the bar and went to get herself a glass of mulled wine. He followed her and their conversation fell into its normal easy flow. They caught up and chatted about life in general, Gemma being careful to avoid the subject of relationships.

‘So Gem, what do you want for Christmas this year?’

Gemma looked out to the snow falling softly outside the window, and at the fire crackling  in the grate and said before she could stop herself,

‘Just a good man who’ll be gentle, but know how to fulfil me.’

Paul gave her an odd look and she realised she had gone too far. She was now in serious danger of saying more stupid things, as once she had started she found it increasingly difficult to stop. So, saving her virtue and any embarrassment she might feel later she feigned tiredness and excused herself. Paul kissed her gently on the forehead before she went and she felt the first deep stirrings of longing begin. She left quickly.

 Later, unable to sleep, she lay in the dark with the curtains open, watching more silent snow fall. Suddenly the room was lit by the glow of her mobile phone telling her she had a message. She picked it up wondering who would text her so late. It was Paul. ‘Cm 2 my room (368), we need 2 talk.’ Gemma squinted at the message, and her heart did a flip flop motion as at first she thought it might be something wonderful and then realised it was probably something awful. She sighed, got out of bed, pulled her dressing gown on, and padded down the hall.

She knocked on the door. Paul opened it, wearing only a pair of black boxer shorts. Gemma had to stop a wave of pure desire from making her reach out and take him in the doorway.

Weddings..  by Julie


Family weddings are a bit of a dirge, and I expect this one to be no different, especially since it is for a distant relation and I really don't know the couple very well. They are quite a bit younger than I. We'd never played as children and I am quite a bit younger than their parents so I feel a little out of my element. I am stuck in the middle. Even worse is that my date is my mother. I am attending a family wedding with my mother as my date. I feel a little bit my age. But I made my mind up before I left that even if I was going to feel out of place, I will at least look good. I love a reason to dress up.

 I select my outfit carefully. I am wearing a silver iridescent lace dress. It has spaghetti straps and is form fitting. It accents every curve and the fringe on the hemline tickles my calves as I walk. I comb my shiny blonde hair until it shimmers and carefully secure it with a pin near the back of my head. My shoulders and neck are exposed, showing my muscled back and firm arms. My outfit is primarily for me to help me feel less awkward at the family gathering. I am not prepared to answer questions as to where my husband is or how he is doing. Since our separation, I am very close mouthed about the situation. I'm in no mood to be introduced to Aunt Millie's best friend's son, the nice young man who still wears glasses taped at the nosepiece. But it is important that I look good to deflect such "helpfulness"… I hope the relatives assume that since I look so good, I must have a dozen prospects.

 The reception is exactly as I expect. The friends of the bride and groom are all vibrant exciting recent college graduates. Their area of the room takes on a fraternity party atmosphere as they celebrate with vigor. The family side of the room is rather staid, filled with family pulling out pictures of recent births and gossiping about who had the latest surgery and for what. I feel completely in between.

 That is when I notice Nina. More accurately all the men in the room notice her and I look to see whom they were watching. She stands out as she twirls with the bridesmaids on the dance floor. Obviously, she is close with all the girls, but not close enough to be relegated to the powder blue taffeta full-length highly uncomfortable bridesmaid dress. Nina instead went for all out glamour. Every eye in the room is magnetized to her. Her dark chestnut brown hair gleams under the dance lights; her sultry body is swathed in a clinging fire engine red dress. It drapes over her shoulders, dipping low on her back.

 Scornfully, my older cousin leans towards me and says, "Every wedding has the girl in the red dress. Guess that's her." I smile and repeat the advice I received long ago, "I give her credit. I was told by a very wise lady to wear it while you can. There will be a day that comes when you can never again wear something that beautiful, so you'd better grab it while you can. I think the lady in red is bold and stunning." Aghast not to have recruited me, I feel my cousin's icy stare. I just smile and watch the action.

 About ten minutes later, Nina saunters to the bar for a drink. She is surrounded by the men in the room hoping for at least a smile in their direction. The same cousin found her husband in line to be close to Nina and grumbles. I decide to keep Jimmy out of trouble and intervene. I confidently remember that I look nearly as good as Nina, if not 15 years older, and walk over to the bar. I edge close to Jimmy and whisper, "You need to take Suze her drink, she's very thirsty." Before he protests that Suze isn't drinking, I order a glass of ice water and command, "Take this to her." Then I turn to Nina and smile apologetically, "I'm sorry about that, my cousin was about to make a fool of himself and tick off his wife in the process, I hope you don't mind me sending him away." She laughs and touches my hand gently, "Men can be so silly sometimes."

 I enjoy her dazzling smile and her candor and strike up a conversation. She is a sorority sister of the bride and asks how I am related. I explain that the groom is a distant cousin, that I am the "old cousin" of the group. She looks at me quizzically and asks, "Old?" I tell her I will turn 37 the following day, and she leans in and kisses me tenderly on the cheek, saying, "I hope I look as good as you do." As our eyes meet, I realize that Nina is flirting with me. I ask when she will be following the bride down the aisle and she simply answers, "Never… I have no interest in men." I am both floored and flattered. The sexiest woman there who has the eyes of all the men riveting to her isn't even interested in them. At that moment, she works her seductive charms on me.

 I never imagine myself to be interested in another woman. I have not experimented or even been curious. But the rush of having Nina flirting with me is exciting. I am strangely aroused. Her raw sexuality transcends gender and completely lures me. Nina personifies sexual arousal.

 At this point, small talk becomes utterly ridiculous. I touch Nina's hand and state, "I like you." She nods, "You are just beautiful. Can we go somewhere to be alone?" My head is spinning and my heart thumping as I reply; "I'll meet you downstairs in about 10 minutes. I need to leave gracefully."

 I delicately extract myself from the family clutches, pleading the need to get up early the following morning. Like a smitten teen on a first date, I take the stairs two at a time to see Nina waiting for me by the doorway. She radiantly smiles and we walk to my car.

 Settling into my car, I look over at her. Her lips are dewy as she runs her tongue over them. I wonder what it will be like to kiss a woman. She reads my mind as she leans towards me. Touching my cheek and turning my face to hers at the same time, I am enveloped by her tender lips. Her skin is softer than anyone who'd ever kissed me previously and her creamy lipstick massages my lips. Such a sweet kiss and I suck into her mouth, absorbing her sensual lips and swirling my tongue around hers. I've not been kissed by a woman and find myself unable to stop. Her subtle urgency is more seductive than anything I've ever experienced with a man. My mouth is alive with a plethora of new sensations and I want to repeat each one until they are memorized.

We continue to kiss and probe each other's mouths with increasing fervor. I pull back and try to catch my breath. My heart pounds ferociously as I attempt to find some words. "Nina, that was the first time…" my voice trails off as she finishes my thought. "The first time you've been kissed by a woman?" As I nod slowly, our eyes never part. I continue, "I've been married for a long time and well we're having some problems now, but I never thought I'd go down this path." She smiles with an innate sense of sisterhood saying, "Who better to know what a woman needs than another woman?"

 "Let me remind you how wonderful it is to be a woman," she whispers as her hand gently reaches under my dress to touch my bare thigh. My skin jumps with desire, as suddenly I want nothing more than for this woman and I to make love. I stop thinking and begin feeling. Her manicured fingers stroke my inner thigh with increasing pressure and move higher up. My pussy lips throb, as I want her to touch me more intimately. A guttural moan escapes from deep in my throat as I clasp her hand in mine, steering her higher. Knowing I was ready for her to touch me is all the green light she needs. I also want to explore her hidden charms and snake my hand under her dress towards her pussy. Her lips are fuller than her hair more closely trimmed than mine. As I part them, the sweet flow of her nectar of desire moistens my hands. I wonder if she tastes like I do.

 Apparently she wonders the same thing as she removes her hand and pulls it up to our lips, gently separating them with her wet finger. I smell my musky juices on her finger and together we lick her cherry red nail tips. I mimic her move and remove my finger to lace my hand with hers, mixing our juices and licking each other clean.

 "Nina?" I tentatively ask, "Would you like to go some place else?" Perfectly in tune with me, she replies, "My apartment is about a mile from here. I live alone, would you like to go there?" I allow my desire to rule me. As we pull into her drive and I kiss her again, uttering breathlessly, "Thank you."

 "Follow me." I do, watching her move with the grace of a gazelle. Her beauty is stunning and I want to move in time with her. I truly believe that sensuality is not about gender at all because I've never wanted another person like I want Nina right now. We walk into her apartment and I fear losing my nerve. I am about to make love with another woman, and I am still married to a man. Intuitively, Nina assures me, "We don't have to do anything you don't want to, I simply make it a goal to leave any place I am with the most beautiful woman I can. Tonight I did."

 Her charm and seduction are beyond argument. We both want exactly the same thing. I want to feel like a woman and I know she is the one to accomplish that with. We walk into her bedroom and turn on the lights. Her tall feminine bed looms before us and I feel like I am at a teenager's sleepover but with much more possibility. I sit on the edge of the bed, waiting for Nina's cue. She sits behind me wrapping her legs around me and massages my shoulders. Kissing the back of my neck, her steaming breath sets me aflame.

 "Let me undress you," she says as she drops the straps from my dress, caressing my sides, working my dress down until I am naked to the waist. Her touch is unlike any touch I've ever experienced. I could not wait much longer. I ask if I can undress her as well. We face each other as I to remove her dress. My eyes study her firmer smaller breasts, mirroring my larger softer ones. Her thin hips next to my full ones, her long lean legs next to my strong muscled ones. Our separate beauty shines in completely different ways. I want to explore her the way I explore myself and learn if other women react the same ways I do. Her beauty is a work of art.

 Standing on opposite sides of the bed naked, we peel back the bedspread. I smile to myself because only two women would consider that. Snuggling together on her bed, our passion explodes. I want to bring her to a climax. I find myself acting more aggressively. I kiss her neck and travel down her body. My impatience to explore her newness shows as she grabs my shoulders firmly to stop me by her breasts. Her tan large nipples harden with arousal and I need to feel them with my lips. Grazing her nipples with my mouth, I flick my tongue over them back and forth until her nipples protrude nearly half an inch. Suddenly the opportunity to touch someone all the ways I wish to be touched was before me. I want to make love to Nina in a special girlfriend sort of way. I nip at her breasts as she moans with pleasure. I am doing something right; I think it is simply following my instincts. My hands knead her smooth flesh as I work my way down between her legs to discover her mound of womanly desire.

 Ecstatic to finally smell her musky juices, taste is mere moments away. Licking my lips hungrily, I open my mouth and seal it to her inner lips. She is so sweet I want to completely her. I know how I wanted to be orally pleased and I do the same things to her. At some point, I turn my body around so that my hips are positioned above her mouth and she darts her tongue into me as well. Time melts as our bodies writhe in sisterly pleasure. Every touch is like my own without the ability to anticipate. Like touching myself but with the mystery of not knowing what was comes next.

 I don't know how long Nina and I ate each other, it seems like we sucked and nibbled and licked for hours. We bring each other to the peak several times. She orgasms so beautifully. That is something that is like a fingerprint, no two people climax the same way. The mystery is something to behold. She holds her breath as her body involuntarily stiffens with the impending explosion. I feel her cadence and when I no longer feel her chest rising and falling and her legs began to stiffen next to my head, I know she is nearing climax. I can either quicken the pace or draw it out depending on our unspoken bond. When I climax, I pant as I get closer and wiggle away. Nina anticipates my inching away and gently holds me in place as she works her tongue more eagerly. We are awash with pleasure and basking in our climaxes when we turn face to face.

 "Nina, this is magical, how on earth did you ever know?"

 "When I saw you, I sensed your smoldering passion. Why would a woman come to a wedding dressed to the nines to sit with a bunch of old aunts and uncles? You had more to offer and I could see that. When you came over to rescue your cousin, I thought to myself, he's not the one needing to be rescued. I wanted you to notice me because beauty finds beauty. I'm glad we found each other this evening."

I wrap my arms around Nina and we drift off to sleep. There is more to our story, but that is for another time. Let's just end this one by saying; I'll never again consider that wedding a dirge. I couldn't be happier I went.

Heaven Scent by Lily

Sarah had just got home from work, it had been a long hard day and her feet ached, as she got in the door, she kicked her heels off she had been on her feet too much today, she drops her bag by her shoes before going to the kitchen to get a glass of juice from the fridge.

For a change as Steve isn’t home yet she decides to have a soak in the bath and try ease her aching feet before cooking dinner, going upstairs and grabbing a big fluffy towel from the airing cupboard she heads into the bathroom, she puts the towel on the heated towel rail, then starts running the bath pouring some mango bath oil under the tap as it runs.

Once the bath is ready, Sarah starts to undress unfastening her blouse buttons slipping it off followed by her lacy bra placing them on the closed toilet seat then slips her skirt off followed by her stocking hold ups and lacy knickers placing them with the rest of the clothes before getting into the bath and sinking down into the hot mango scented oiled water, the warmth of the water the aroma too helping to soothe her feet and make her relaxed she closes her eyes.

Whilst Sarah’s relaxing Steve gets home from work, also having had a long hard day he notices Sarah’s shoes just inside the front door so knows she’s home already, he walks through to the kitchen expecting to find her there cooking their dinner as she usually is, but she isn’t there! He gets himself a cold can of coke from the fridge opens it and pours it into a glass from the sink drainer before going to find Sarah and get the kiss and cuddle he’d been looking forward to all day.

 He soon realises Sarah isn’t down stairs so he makes his way up the stairs, as he reaches the top stair he notices the bathroom light on, pushing on the slightly ajar door opening it a little more he peeks round the door seeing Sarah laying in the bath relaxing eyes closed, Steve eyes her slender body, her long smooth legs, her shapely firm breasts, as he stands silently just by the door way.

Steve steps into the bathroom, leans over and puts his glass down on the bath edge the clink of the glass on the ceramic bath disturbing Sarah she suddenly opens her eyes and smiles, Steve leans down and kisses Sarah’s smiling lips, as his lips lock to hers, he trails a hand gently down her face down to a nipple that’s  just above the water level, he catches the nipple between his finger and thumb rolling it  between them, the kiss ends and Steve leans over picking up the nearby soap clasping the soap tightly in his hand he slides it slowly down her body, gently rubbing it over her breasts dipping the soap in the water  then back up over her breasts, he then trails the soap further down her body  sliding it down between Sarah’s legs rubbing the soap gently  intimately between her legs Sarah responding with soft moans of  pleasure,  she brings her legs up making it easier access for Steve to continue  gently soaping her there, Steve smiles  and trails the soap  once more  down between her legs, he stops pauses a  minute then  the soap bobs to the surface of the water, Sarah  looks at Steve with a slight  like of disappointment  as the soap floats to the water surface.

Steve stands straight slipping his t shirt off, then unfastening his jeans letting them fall to the floor stepping out of them, now in just his white CK boxers his excitement beneath very evident, taking Sarah’s hand he urges her to stand up as she stands he lifts her out of the bath placing her gently down on her feet before him, he picks up the heated warm towel wraps it around Sarah gently patting her dry a  little before picking her up  and carrying her carefully to the bedroom Sarah smiling at Steve noticing his obvious excitement against her as he carries her through.

He sets Sarah down on the bed gently laying her down he gently towels her dry some more, deliberately caressing her teasing her as he dries her, leaning down and flicking his tongue across each nipple in turn planting little kisses on her body as he works the towel downwards.

Steve pauses and slips his boxers off then climbs on the bed next to Sarah, climbing a top of her as she lays on her back, their lips meet again locking together they start to passionately kiss his hardness pressing against her, she freely parts her legs, his hard shaft now nudging at her opening Steve moves his lips from hers as his hard shaft enters her, he lets out a moan of pleasure as he starts rocking his body slowly, each time his thrust getting deeper longer, both moaning and breathing getting more heavier as their bodies rub and grind against each other, each of his strokes getting harder deeper, faster, Sarah  trembles as the excitement gets too much, those waves of  pleasure getting closer to the edge, feeling Sarah tremble knowing she is close is just too much  for Steve and he moans deep as he  thrusts hard releasing himself  releasing the pleasure, Sarah also moaning as  she climaxes Steve withdrawing himself before laying next to Sarah and having an hours nap together  cuddled up in each others arms nothing mattering but them being together and close.

How do You want me?


I spend hours staring at naked men. This is what I do for a living. Men are my life, my loves, my passion and my frustration. I'm an artist - a painter. I observe men in all their natural states and I enjoy them. The male form is said to be idyllic in its form, perfect in its symmetry. A mans body is symbolic of power and beauty, or so it is said. I don't admire the bodies I work with, I am fixated by them. When a man is naked in front of me, when he is my subject and he is at my discretion - he isn't powerful. He is mine and he is weak. He is timid and I am a voyeur.

The society we exist within is a mans world, and that's why I choose not to live in it. My life is simple, uncomplicated and somewhat detached. I wont lie to you, my family wealth has allowed me to live my life the way I intend, and I enjoy it. I try not to deal with the outside, I have people who navigate that mess for me. I ask my men to leave their lives on the porch as they enter my abode. Most comply, but all submit once they are ordered to strip. They are told to position and then reposition their bare bodies to suit me - their boss, a stranger. All men have some degree of humility, and therefore are weak. All except one.

He breezed into my studio lighter than air and his radiance brighter than shine. I greeted him with a smile gesturing him inside with my open hand. A white linen shirt buttoned to his sternum, draped from his relaxed figure and revealing a masculine chest etched in stone. I followed at a distance as he made his way through my open studio, admiring finished and unfinished works as he moved. Natural light streamed in from my balcony causing him to bring a hand to his forehead. His sleeve stretched and tightened about his arm. Quite a specimen, I thought, as he lent over the rail overlooking my green garden.

I watched his back expand as his lungs filled with breaths of fresh air. I made my way over to my easel and sat down to prepare my tools. I looked back toward the balcony. My eyes were greeted with his falling shirt floating gracefully toward the floor. He reappeared on the opposite side of the canvas, his head turned toward me as he ambled into the studios centre. How do you want me? he asked, mischievously. He wasn't bashful and he wasn't hiding his fear either. The corners of his lips were arched up forming the grin of a naughty child. I want you naked, I replied, standing up.

His smile broadened as he reached for his waistline and unhooked the button of his trousers. I let my eyes flow over his rippled chest and hard stomach before watching the fly of his jeans move down slowly. I felt like a young woman again, about to make contact with male nakedness for the first time instead of the millionth. My mouth dried as I watched him step out from his trousers and place them near his shirt. How's this? he queried as his powerful legs made their way back to my stares attention. His arse was toned and yet I envisioned it to be soft to the touch. I broke my silence as he took his seat, Things are shaping up nicely.

That was the first time I had lost my focus at work since my early days when I would get aroused by my male and sometimes, coupled models. There was no doubt I was tempted now, but I was determined to paint him and paint him well. I walked toward him with authority. His body and its proportions became more evident and enticing as I neared - I felt myself blush or was I angered by my unprofessional thoughts? He roused from the box he was seated upon and duly followed my wishes. My control was resurfacing. I positioned him propped up against the plinth, his one leg outstretched toward the balcony, while the other lay cocked at the knee.

I noted my breathing had become shallow and lighter while I repositioned myself behind the easel. This man was beautiful and much to my annoyance, I couldn't deny he had an affect on me. I put my mind aside and began to paint. My brush strokes were tight and hard, much like my models body. I noted he still exuded confidence and held his head high as he stared into the early afternoons brightness. My wrist felt cold and unused within my tension. I studied his form once more noting a change in his body. In my embarrassment my brush strokes became short and jerky. Most unlike my model, I smiled, as it became apparent, I wasn't the only one aroused.

My eyes looked to my man once more, this time they were met with his own stare. Should we wait to see if I he thought for a moment, Subside? I coughed and looked away certainly blushing on this occasion. I had no intention of stopping but once again he put me off guard. The corners of his mouth were pointed and his eyes shone as he revelled in my schoolgirl behaviour. Its up to you, I don't mind continuing but if you are uncomfortable then we can take a breather, I offered. I reluctantly found his gaze once more, Do you think It will be long I mean will it go away soon? He chuckled and shook his head, No, not if were in the same room together.

A gust of wind entered the studio and blew the curtains forcefully, as our eyes remained fixed struggling for control. I'm afraid I don't allow my models into any other part of the house and I wouldn't want paint in my living areas. I lied with confidence. He smiled and looked about the room before replying, I guess we have to wait then. I looked him up and down, starting at his large, broad feet moving up to his muscular thighs and then focusing on the problem. His cock looked painfully hard as it jutted out from his lap. It was thick and I was once more, tempted. My gaze traveled up his torso and found his dirty brown eyes. I'm not a patient woman.

I sauntered over to him just as he attempted to stand up. I reached him and placed my hands on his shoulders pushing him back down to the ground. I quite like you in that position, I commented as I undid my robe and revealed my own nakedness. I pushed my pelvis near to his mouth and ran my fingers through his dark hair. His hands glided from the calves of my legs up to my bum and warmly massaged my cheeks as he began to kiss my inner thighs softly. I raised my knee atop the plinth his head rested on and pressed my already damp pussy against his mouth. No more teasing, I commanded, forming the naughty smile my model had earlier.

His tongue was strong and his mouth eager for my juice. I rocked my hips over it opposing his own licking and sucking of my clitoris. I ground deeply into his face rocking my head back and holding his own within my forceful grip. His strong hands would gently push me back as he slipped his tongue inside me and I would part my legs further to allow it deeper inside. It felt so good I didn't want to come just yet. His hands kept massaging the backs of my thighs and my buttocks before I felt a finger slip inside my arse. I tensed my body and inhaled sharply as I adjusted to the full feeling within me. I could bear the sensation no longer, It was incredible and his tongues feverish stroking of my clit drove me over the edge.

I panted and puffed in rhythm with my pulsating orgasm as it surged around my heightened body. I gradually rubbed against his tongue as the contractions slowly faded away. He continued to lick my clit ever so softly while his finger teasingly moved in and out of my anus. My legs felt shaky and I felt too exhausted to move away from my models mouth. He took hold of my elevated thigh and moved it from the plinth causing me to slide down his body leaving a trail of cum on his chest. And that's when I felt it, his cock pushing against my pussy, its head nearly pushing inside as he quietly and calmly thrusted from his hips from beneath me.

I smiled into his neck as I felt him prodding me with his weapon. I began to kiss his neck and lick his ear seductively while reaching around behind. I took hold of that thick cock of his and raised my body to allow it inside me, Lets see if we cant sort out this problem baby. It slipped deep inside me with ease despite its size. Once more I felt full and now, more powerful-knowing that I had control over his orgasm. I slowly raised and lowered myself on his cock, feeling its warmth and realising my own wetness as I allowed him to enter me slowly and teasingly. I looked into his eyes and saw the fire dancing madly within them.

I continued to fuck him slowly, knowing he wanted more from me, that he was dying to shoot his cum inside me. He took hold of my hips in his big strong hands and ground my body up against his, increasing the pace until I took his hands and placed them on my breasts leaning back to take him deeper inside me. I went slowly and rolled my hips over and over in circles, driving him wild. His hands obediently stroked my breasts and pinched my nipples as we kissed and rocked my way to orgasm. This time, I came slowly and deeply around his cock, tightening my pussy with each slight contraction.

I leaned further back and rested my back on the ground while tightly wrapping my legs around his neck. His cock felt even bigger inside me and he began to thrust with the power from his legs. I closed my eyes and relinquished control as he positioned himself upon his knees. His hands moved up and down my legs as he pushed his cock further inside me, moving deeper than Id ever felt before. I opened my eyes to watch his statuesque form above me. His movements were forceful and his body tensed was like a roman sculpture of a gladiator. His thrusting quickened and hardened with each passing minute as he neared orgasm.

His cock felt thicker and more dangerous the longer he fucked me. He looked down at my pussy parting my legs from around his neck and we both watched his cock fuck me so hard and fast. The sweat poured from his face and trickled onto my stomach as he let out a deep moan and shot his load up me. Once more my pussy came on his cock, my cheeks flushed and my chest reddened with another powerful orgasm that caused me to swear and close my eyes in pleasure. I felt his cock twitch inside my pussy as it lay motionless inside me. The model collapsed on top of me and we waited to regain our breath.

I quietly whispered into his ear, So, how much longer do you think it will be a problem? He turned slightly, nibbling on my neck before uttering, Its just one of those things that never go away.

By Gareth L.


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