Kama Sutra positions

Safe sex is great sex! Always practice safe sex, use a condom in new relationships and whenever you are not absolutely certain of your partners sexual history. All these positions can be altered to suit your needs.
If you want added comfort you can place cushions underneath yourselves, light a few candles and burn some incense or aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil and you may want to play a sexy cd, to bump and grind to.

Doggy Style
Who doesn't love this one? The woman goes on all fours, as the guy comes up behind her on his knees, leaning towards her. Then you both can move your hips back and forth as slowly or as quickly as you like. He can reach forward and caress her breasts and clitoris, and she can play with his balls and as he reaches climax apply some pressure to his perineum (see - drive your guy wild).

This position is great for all the spots on the girl and the guy. Enjoy your animal instincts..

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