Kama Sutra positions

Safe sex is great sex! Always practice safe sex, use a condom in new relationships and whenever you are not absolutely certain of your partners sexual history. All these positions can be altered to suit your needs.
If you want added comfort you can place cushions underneath yourselves, light a few candles and burn some incense or aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil and you may want to play a sexy cd, to bump and grind to.

The Sitting lotus
Great for caressing her clitoris! The man sits with his legs outstretched and spread. Then the woman sits on his lap with her legs outstretched behind him, once the man has slipped it in her, she lies back on the floor or bed.

He can now massage her clitoris and slowly thrust in and out of her. He can squeeze his buttocks up and down to create a slight rocking sensation. If you want a bit more frantic action, the woman can push up into the man and use both her legs and arms to do so.

She can sit back up and crotch down over the mans penis, or the man can expertly shift onto his knees to go into the missionary position.

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