Kama Sutra positions

Safe sex is great sex! Always practice safe sex, use a condom in new relationships and whenever you are not absolutely certain of your partners sexual history. All these positions can be altered to suit your needs.
If you want added comfort you can place cushions underneath yourselves, light a few candles and burn some incense or aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil and you may want to play a sexy cd, to bump and grind to.

The Lap Dance
The woman kneels ontop of the man and takes his penis inside her by leaning slightly forward then pushing down onto his penis. The woman then squeezes his penis up and down, slightly rotating her hips. These squeezes can be reversed and rotation can be reversed too.
Its all about rhythm and control, keep the movements in the same range but slightly different tempo and pressure all the time. When you both are ready for climax, the girl can use her pelvis muscles to grip him tighter and take him deep inside her, until you are both in heaven.

This is great for the man, as he can lie back and be caressed all over by his lady. There are a lot of variations on this position, - see above for more variations and make up your own. And the girl can also rotate round, so that she is crouching over his body to the side then towards his feet - see The Backwards Lap Dance and the Twister.

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