Kama Sutra positions

Safe sex is great sex! Always practice safe sex, use a condom in new relationships and whenever you are not absolutely certain of your partners sexual history. All these positions can be altered to suit your needs.
If you want added comfort you can place cushions underneath yourselves, light a few candles and burn some incense or aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil and you may want to play a sexy cd, to bump and grind to.

The Lap Dance on a Chair
This is a great one, maximum pleasure with minimum effort!
Just like the Lap Dance but on a chair, which is great for taking the pressure of the womans legs. She can also raise a lot higher and easily control the tempo and tease the man by letting his penis come out of her then take it back in. This is a great one for sexy intimacy too as your bodies are touching, and faces parallel. The man can easily caress the woman's breasts, back and bum. The woman too, can easily caress the man's chest, shoulders and legs. Kissing is great in this position and the man has great opportunity to kiss the woman's breasts too.

Like the Lap Dance, this can also be done backwards. The woman sits on his lap, knees astride and lowers herself down. The woman can move forward and back, wiggling her hips around to create different sensations that will drive you both wild.

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