Kama Sutra positions

Safe sex is great sex! Always practice safe sex, use a condom in new relationships and whenever you are not absolutely certain of your partners sexual history. All these positions can be altered to suit your needs.
If you want added comfort you can place cushions underneath yourselves, light a few candles and burn some incense or aphrodisiac aromatherapy oil and you may want to play a sexy cd, to bump and grind to.

The Pelvic Rock
A great retake on the missionary! The woman lies back with her legs spread hip distance apart. Then the man lies ontop of her a little higher than usual so that his penis is higher up and wraps his arms around her back so that their bodies are touching one another.

The woman should then do all the moving, she should slowly and carefully push her pelvis up and down, while he pushes down. This can be a little tricky at first, and the guy can slip out a few times because its shallow penetration, but once you've got the rock and the slow rhythm its great for the woman clitoris, the guys climax control and for sensual intimacy as you can both can stare into each others eyes the whole way through.

Turn on

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