A-Z The Food of Love


A very popular aphrodisiac with many culinary uses. It has been used as an aphrodisiac since the Greeks and the Romans, who believed aniseed had special powers. Suck one and see if it increases your desire.


A classic in the aphrodisiac world. Whether boiled or steamed the asparagus is said to be an effective stimulant. These phallus-shaped spears above all are thought to be stimulating and have an aphrodisiac effect.


Associated with passion and fertility, their aroma is alleged to excite women and is therefore a common ingredient in creams and soaps. Almonds are delicious in cakes, biscuits, and roasted with sugar.


Although no aphrodisiac effect has been demonstrated, both the stone and the flesh are thought to be sexually stimulating, energy giving and revitalizing.


As well as an erotic shape the banana has also been associated with erotic energy in the tantric tradition. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins believed to help manufacture sex hormones.

Basil (sweet basil)

Is said to stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. It is also said to produce a general sense of well being for body and mind.


One of the undisputed kings of aphrodisiacs, the Indians called it the "nourishment of the Gods". Chocolate contains chemicals thought to effect neurotransmitters in the brain and a related substance to caffeine called theobromine. So tuck into some yummy chocolate and get sexy!


The phallus shaped carrot has been associated with stimulation since ancient times, and was used by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. They have a high vitamin content and a great source of beta- carotene. In Asia carrots are eaten as a substitute for ginseng and we all now they make us see better in the dark!


We all know how powerfully enlivening roasted coffee beans are so stimulate your body and mind and wake up and get going for a sex marathon.


This erotic, fleshy fruit is said to act as a powerful sexual stimulant and has been thought of for centuries as a symbol of fertility and love. Also it is no coincidence that the fig leaf has been used to cover the genitals of those embarrassed by their nakedness.


Garlic has a great history of being a great healing aid, which at the same time acts as a stimulant. The Romans dedicated it to Ceres, The goddess of fertility and the witches have used it in their love potions for centuries.


The root contains an essential oil, which enlivens and stimulates the body and mind, so add some to your curry and get spiced up.


If you're making your lover an aphrodisiac drink, honey is crucial. It is said to have many healing properties, including guarding against sterility and impotence. It also stimulates and strengthens, so don't resist your sweet tooth.


Said to be an aphrodisiac that stimulates women in particular.


Believed to have a powerful effect on the sexual glands, to be stimulating and to increase sexual desire.


Its not really a nut but a seed and has been one of the most popular seasonings since the 16th century. So sprinkle some over your food now and wait for the stimulating results.


Oysters are widely known to be the strongest aphrodisiac, perhaps because of their texture, the way they slip down your throat and their strong zinc content.

Pine Nuts

Many nuts are rich in zinc, a lack of which is said to cause impotence and infertility in men so get eating your nuts today. Pine nuts especially have been used for centuries to make up love potions an effective and powerful aphrodisiac.


Rich in vitamin C and minerals, it is considered highly powerful for potency when soaked in rum and honey, Caribbean style.

Raspberry & Strawberries

Both raspberries and strawberries, combined with Champagne are regarded as powerful aphrodisiacs. Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as fruit nipples.


These mushrooms are the rarest and most sensual of fungi they both stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.


The scent and flavour of vanilla is said to increase lust, especially when eaten with chocolate, it is said to be stimulating and energy giving. Homeopathic doctors prescribe vanilla as a cure for impotence. We love combining Vanilla pods with champagne: pop a bit of one into a glass of your favourite bubbly.


Along with all the other forms of alcohol, wine is very intoxicating and relaxing. It is often used for ritual purposes to experience ecstasy and has been said to be the most powerful aphrodisiac.