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The next time you feel like a bit of diy guys, you're girlfriend  has had to go to off early or whatever, and you feel the need ,
Have a play with her vibrator, as you are pulling yourself off, rub it around the base of your cock the feeling is great, and sure gives you a great orgasm, works for me, try it 

                                                                                                                "Mick C , Sussex"

The Ghandi
The guy sits cross legged on the floor, then the lady sits on him and puts her legs out behind him. It's a great position cos she can lean back a bit and thrust with her feet on the floor which gives really deep penetration or you can both hug up really close while having gentle sex. Definitely my favourite right now
By Guy
Pillow Power

Great sex is all about angles -- the angle of his erection and your pelvis determine exactly what hot spots he'll hit and how tightly he'll feel gripped. That's why pillows can be passion's best friend. Try one under his butt while you're on top or supporting your tailbone in the missionary position. Or use a few to prop yourself up when lying on a counter. And don't be afraid to experiment with odd-size cushions, too. You'll be surprised how many new sensations you both experience just by adding a pillow.

Paul Joannides, author of The Guide to Getting It On (Goofy Foot Press)
Hot Dog!

Before giving him oral sex, position yourself so you're sitting to the side, almost perpendicular to his penis. Cup your hand around his member, creating a "bun" around his "hot dog." Then kiss the part of his penis that's exposed while breathing hard. Your hand will trap your exhalations and make his member feel superhot. With your other hand, work his testicles. He'll think he has died and gone to heaven.

Paul Joannides
Pop his cork

Try the oral-sex technique that I call The Screw. As you're moving up his shaft with your mouth, turn your head a bit from side to side, letting your tongue follow a corkscrew pattern. When you get to the frenulum -- that part of the shaft just beneath the head -- be sure to lick it for a few seconds before moving all the way up to the top. Then repeat, moving down his shaft. What will drive him wild about this is that you aren't just going up and down -- you're also going sideways. It's 3-D!

Paul Joannides

Extremely long oral sex!

I'm curious what others think of a technique I have used on my last bf and now my husband. They seem to love it. I enjoy it too but it's designed primarily for his pleasure.

This only works if you have an entire afternoon or evening with nothing planned. It's also best to plan ahead.

First, a couple of days prior, stop having sex. Second, talk about sex a lot and what your going to do to him at the specified day/time. Get him excited. Third, when the day arrives, have a couple adult videos available, a penis ring, any kind of vibrating device, and get comfortable in a private place in front of the TV. Start watching the videos and fooling around. Put the penis ring on him. Keep him hard but let the focus be on you. Intercourse is not allowed. Only hand play and oral. Let him bring you to orgasm...several times if you want. By this time an hour or so should have passed and he will be desperate for relief. Don't give it to him. Make him agree not to touch himself and to tell you if he feels close to cumming. For the next 2 hours you need to stimulate and then ignore him, off and on about every 5 minutes. You can suck him awhile and then go do a load of laundry. Vibrate his balls for a few minutes and then make a quick phone call. The adult videos will keep him hard even when you're not in the room. I like to keep my man in a constant state of peak arousal for about 3 hours. It may sound like torture for him but both guys I've done this with have wanted to do it again. Fourth, turn off the video, and remove the penis ring.

Let him decide how he wants to cum. In my experience, they want you to see how much cum they have produced and opt for a bj. It should take about 30 seconds and will be extremely messy. I'm a good sport and let them cum anywhere they want. It kind of drips all over anyway. My husband say's he sleeps great after one of these sessions.


Polos and toothpaste
If u really want to give ur man a good blowjob either u can eat a pack of polos or give ur teeth a good brush with toothpaste and he'll love it, the coolness from ur mouth will give a really good sensation!

Free to play
I've just found a really great position to play with. I get my partner to lay on her back, knees bent with her legs apart. I then position myself on my kness, between legs and close enough to just insert my dick into her pussy about an inch or two. This position now leaves your hands totally free to play with her clitoris, her anus, to use a vibrator or stimulate both her clitoris and anus at the same time! MIND BLOWING!

Slippery Sex
This summer we used our kids paddling pool for our own fun!
This is how you can too ~ Get a large blow up kids pool and a couple of bottles of massage oil, and pour them into the bottom of pool. Then get naked and slip into the pool with your lover for an afternoon or evening full of slippery sex!

Tongue Bath
Ive got a great one for everyone who loves licking! Give each other a tongue bath. Start from the fingertips and lick every inch of each other's bodies, leaving not a single patch untouched, its so tasty you will both be blown away!

One~Hour Orgasm for you to try out on him!
Have you ever heard of the one-hour orgasm? It is a proven fact that men can train themselves to separate ejaculation from orgasm. It takes time and training but you can do it.
The way to do it is to keep you man on the edge of ejaculation, each time he approaches the point of no return you must back him away. You can do this by taking all stimulation away, or by using the squeeze. Which is squeezing the base of the penis shaft hard between your fingers. Another helpful method is using a rating system where a 10 is an orgasm, have your man tell you when he is at an 8, then bring him down to a 4 before you begin again.
With enough practice it is possible for a man to eventually experience the explosive feelings of orgasm without ejaculation. Some men are able to do this as often as they desire during a marathon love making session. What have you got to lose? Even if you don't get it the first time I sure you won't mind trying again!

Licking her to Heaven
Next time you go down there try our some different moves and surprise her!
Try a long wet kiss. Start by laying your tongue flat against the lowest part of the vagina, then take it long and slow, keeping contact and pressure all the way up as you slide your tongue over her entire vagina, ending at the clitoris.
Sucking & Blowing on her lips and clitoris in between other actions will drive her crazy.
Try alphabet ecstasy! ~ try writing letters over her clitoris, she could even try and guess which ones your writing out, or your sexy message!
She'll love your new moves and will want to try some out on you too!

Internet affair
Having in internet affair with your partner is really sexy, we use different names and we dont talk to each other about it (like your keeping a secret) and we arrange to meet somewhere, we can tell each other our wildest fantasies via email, and what we want to do to each other when we do "meet up". its a real turn on writing the mails and an even bigger turn on knowing he is going to get horny reading them.

Silk Scarf
Here is a great little tip to get you in the mood:
Get a Silk or Satin Scarf.
Get the atmosphere just right.
Blind your female partner and have her get on all 4's.
Gently take the scarf between her legs and move it back and forth against her sensitive areas.
This tip is so good that you may want to make sure that you do not need the scarf anytime soon - it will get wet. The main trick to this tip is the element of surprise.

Slow and Steady Blow Job
'I like to play with it first to get him all turned on and then start to lightly lick the tip with the tip of my tongue, at the same time gently but firmly holding it at the base of the shaft with one hand and cupping his balls in the other.
'Once you've licked the tip, it'll be lubricated for you to slide the top inch or two into your mouth. Create a slow but steady rhythm with your two hands and your mouth, visualising a 'pulse' rather than the kind of rhythm during intercourse.
'Slide up and down the shaft whenever you feel like it, and while your lips are still round him, circle his head with your tongue (practise on a banana). Make sure you keep your hands gently moving or it'll just feel like you're resting your hands on him and you'll lose the eroticism of it all!
'Go with the flow - you don't have to be down there for long to blow his mind - if you're doing well, quit while you're ahead and ask him what he wants next (kind of sex goddess whisper: "what would you like to do now, baby?")'

Sex her Up!
"If you're wandering why your partner isn't giving you any sex....try giving her allot of sweet talk.. tell her how much you want her. It always works for me when I want my girlfriend in bed! However, some people may feel stupid telling their girlfriends/boyfriends the sweet talk needed, so what I would suggest is send them a text message. It may not be the same as word of mouth, however it does get the message across to her.

When I want my girlfriend in bed I would send her a message when she is at work. This will get her horny and make her think about getting home as quick as she can.
When I send her a message I wouldn't put a long essay style message coz that will just bore her, what I would do is send her a hint, short, but very sexy. My favourite message would have to be..... "Hi sexy I'm thinkin of you. What colour knickers are you wearing?" by mentioning the word knickers...puts the idea into her head that you are interested in sexy underwear and gets her all sexy. However this is not a good tactic to send if you live with your girlfriend, as she will just then think you don't take notice of her. If you do live with your girlfriend send her a sexy and message with perhaps just a few words reading something like.... "My cock is rearing to go for you tonight!" this will give her the very plain message that you are interested in sex tonight and hot to go!....."

Unhand Your Man
Give your man a massage without using your hands. Before you begin, slowly undress your partner, but make sure that he stays warm. (If the room isn't toasty enough, cover him with towels or sheets.) Then, keeping your hands at your side or behind your back, stroke his body (all except for his penis) with your face, hair, and breasts. Once he's totally relaxed, rub your breasts against his penis and he'll happily rise to the occasion!

Finger-Food Foreplay
Have a romantic dinner without utensils so you can feed each other! There's something really sensual about placing food in your partner's mouth. It's such fun, especially when you serve stuff that's not supposed to be eaten with your hands, like pasta or ice-cream. Then serve yourself for dessert and lick it all off each other!

Blow Jobs
While in Spain I was reading an article in a Spanish magazine. It had lots of tips by high-class prostitutes. One of them said that most women do not realise that they could improve their blowjobs immensely by implementing a small change...and that it had nothing to do with sucking deeper or harder! I thought "oh yeah...I don't think my blowjobs can get any better!" :) It went on to explain that you should always start from underneath the man, where the anus meets the penis...lick that bit for a while...fondle it with your fingers. (just don't touch or lick anywhere else yet!) When your man is getting really aroused, then move to licking the balls...with very slow, teasing movements....then, start by licking the shaft as if it was a melting ice lolly...slowly again. By then, your guy should be so hot and ready, that when you finally move to the head of the penis and start to suck on it, he will be ready to explode!!. I tried this not really thinking it would make any difference, as I usually start by licking the head. WAOH!!!! His face was pure ecstasy and he later told me that it had been the best blowjob he'd ever had! I've passed this tip to my friends and they've all said that they couldn't believe what a difference it made!

Try a Vibrator

Using a vibrator after becoming accustomed to manual stimulation is kind of like switching from driving a manual to an automatic: You don't have to work as hard and you don't stall as often, so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

If you haven't experienced orgasm yet, a vibrator might do the trick to get you over the top and with the aid of a partners stimulations, oral or touch you are sure to experience new heights of pleasure!
Different vibes provide different stimulation, so experiment and choose your favourite.
Vary the speed, motion, and position of the vibrator to keep things interesting.
Ask your lover to join you! Why keep all of the fun to yourself? You will both love it!

A little extra butterfly during sex
"For all the women out there who want to have orgasms during intercourse, but can't without clitoral stimulation: Buy a Venus butterfly -- it's a clitoral vibrator that has straps so you can wear it during intercourse. Prop yourself up on a pillow or two and lay down on top of it while your honey enters you from behind. The pounding will rub your clit against the butterfly and when the orgasm's outta this world!"

Giving Head
Giving head is one of my favourite things to do. I have been told by so many guys that I am great, I think it's because I really love doing it. I love the power I feel from having the guy totally under my spell, totally submissive to my movements. I suck hard, use my tongue to flick the head, and moan my desire. The most erotic thing for a guy is that you LOOK at his cock, really look at it and lick it and touch it and stroke it. Oh, and make sure you pay ample attention to his balls and ass.

Tongue & Feet Action
Facing the woman between her legs while giving oral sex is the easiest place to do this. As she is approaching orgasm slowly start to run your fingers along the inside of her thighs while still teasing her with your tongue. Just as she is about to come run your hands down her legs and hold onto the soles of her feet - she'll be screaming with the pleasure of the orgasm and with the thrill of being tickled. The feeling will be mind blowing!!

After Dinner Blindfold Treats
Next time you and your partner indulge in some ice cream or desert after your dinner. Try a new tip which has surely rocked our world! Put blindfold's on each other before you start to tuck in then eat your desert with a spoon, slowly or of each other! Then proceed to the bedroom keeping your blindfold's on, the mystery of the dark will heighten all your sense, and when you finally find each other, kiss and touch, your passions will drive you both wild! Try massaging each other and kissing, licking sucking all over, all the time keeping both your blindfolds on, you will both be blown away when you find your climax!

Dancing Lessons
I just want to say I have enjoyed your site for about a year now, and my boyfriend and I thank you for all of the great toys and advice you provide. Now I have a tip for your readers.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and are very much in love. My only problem is I'm a bit clumsy and have a hard time being sexy. Every time I try to strip for him or do something sexy, I hurt myself. For example, I tried doing an elaborate strip tease for him and I couldn't get my thigh-high stocking off. I tripped over it, landed on my butt on the floor, and we were both laughing so hard that it completely ruined the mood. One night I was feeling particularly self-conscious, but he wanted me to dance for him.

After some discussion, we decided to compromise. He would teach me how to dance. As we moved together and he showed me how to move and turn him on, I found myself being extremely aroused just feeling him slide against me. We ended up making love in the most passionate way I've ever experienced. I think this is something everyone should try, even if you're already good at dancing. I know I can't wait until my next lesson!

Sexy Glow
To give your love making a "sexy glow" try putting blue light bulbs in a bedside or overhead light. They make the skin feel smoother.
more touchable and radiant. Purple light incidentally magnifies sexual organs, making them appear larger than life. But skip the corny red light as this can make you feel angry and too hot.

Kiss Crash Course

I'm really writing this to moan and indirectly give advice to all the useless kissers out there. I must have started out lucky as far as partners are concerned as I never had anything to complain about before but recently, actually the last couple of years, I have had a series of girlfriends whose kissing frankly wouldn't arouse Clinton on a viagra drip.

    Sorry if the below is obvious but there are too many hopeless individuals out there to ignore. In my humble opinion when kissing:

    USE your tongue - lick, stroke, probe, push etc. Its a sensual instrument and can be used in all sorts of love play and kissing is no exception. Do not waste this God given muscle by leaving it limp in your mouth and conversely don't just stick it out and hope for the best. Timing is crucial. Read a situation - if you're both aching to get in to each other, then an all out offence with tongues blazing is great. But if you've misread the signs, jumping down his or her throat could be a premature manoeuvre and a bit of a turn off.

    One of my favourite ways to give or receive a kiss is to start slow and work your way up to a more vigorous tempo. Gently stroke your lips together or even start with the subtlest of brushes against your partner's cheeks, ears, neck, chin, whatever, and then introduce the tongue. A little lick across their lips to moisten and ready the area for attack before parting them and finally moving in. Again, pace yourself, there's no need to start wind milling around trying to see if you can dislodge any fillings. Of course once you get going, the sky's the limit and it's up to the both of you how energetic you become.

    Please, please, consider sucking. Suck your partner's lips and tongue. Even if you get all the motions down perfect, you're still missing whole chapters in the How to of Kissing if you don't suck. A kiss will always seem limp without the employment of this easy to learn skill. You can match their degree of sucking (for want of a better term) or be a Don and lead the way - varying from gentle tugs at their lips to a hungry hoover style.

When you are in the middle of a kiss you'll often find that there is an airtight seal (yes, we're getting technical!) as both mouths are clamped together. Conveniently this means that if both of you match "sucking pressures" it gives a further level of closeness, if you will. Like holding on to each other during a hug it's natural to draw your partner closer to you. In the same way, you can amplify your kissing experience.

I could go on and on but let me finish with one other important factor. Breathing - through the nose or through the mouth? Mid suck, it's impossible to breathe through the mouth but that doesn't rule it out. Some people like to breathe "through" their partner while kissing, whatever takes your fancy. Moving your attention from lips to other kissable areas is a good opportunity to catch your breath if you've had too many fags that evening. If your nose is clear then that's probably the way to go, leaving your mouth to do what a mouth has to do. If bunged up however, the sound of your breath bubbling through pools of snot in your sinuses is a sure fire way to lose romantic momentum. In some cases heavy breathing is a turn on, conveying a sense of urgency and sincerity, and sometimes it's not. So just use your head and adapt to the moment.

By Rob (London)

Love Vouchers

Last year for Xmas I couldn't think what to buy my partner - we'd been together for a while and he had everything. I got on the computer and printed him off some gift certificates. He had great fun cashing them in!!

I printed the gift certificates on the computer - made them look quite fancy and official - 10 different ones in all. They were for various different things (not all sexual!) but they were all things Chris (my partner) really liked - I'm not going to say exactly what so anyone who wants to do this for their partners will have to think of their own favourite things. Needless to say they were very much appreciated and to my surprise he carefully picked which gift certificate he was going to use and made them last for about a month!

My advice to anyone who can't think of a present to buy the one they love is put your thinking cap on, get on the computer and get creative!! Believe me its worth it - after all if you buy them the usual presents only he gets the benefit, this way its as much fun for both of you!!

Go and print out your own TakeMeToBed Love Vouchers!

By Sue, Chesterfield.

"Next time you are both a little bit bored and want to try something new, why don't you push the boat out and experiment with massage oils, lubricants, vibrators, dirty talk, exotic foods, or dirty movies or pictures on the net. You might not fancy all of those suggestions but I bet you'd like to try one of those.. go on try it, experiment!"
by Sarah

Make a wish list
"If you need to rev things up a bit this is a lovely one - Both of you have to write down a short 10 things you'd like your partner to do wish list. You can write wishes like "Tickle my bum with a feather" or "A long, hard, back massage". When you both have completed your lists, swap then promise to do one wish per night going down each other's list. It will teach you both a few new tricks and you will feel a lot more sexier and together."
by Suzy

Middle of the Night
"Next time you are both too tired, have a few hours sleep then wake your lover up the nicest way you can think of, start to gently lick them where they like it! Slowly and softly is so nice in the middle of the night, after you've both had some sleep, it can be a much more intense experience for both of you as you are in a dream state of mind."
by Anonymous

Tie Up Stockings
"When you're next wearing stockings and in the mood for some, why don't you make good use of your stockings and have some kinky fun! They are great for blindfolds, tying your man up to the bed, tickling using soft feathery strokes, wrapping round his penis, hair bands, boob tubes, hand and feet ties, masks, soft whips, why don't you experiment and try some of your own?"
by Anonymous

Vibrator Play
"Before your going to give her oral sex using a vibrator, put the vibrator underneath the bed. Then you can sensually surprise her by licking her with her legs positioned off the bed and you kneeling can carefully, silently introduce the vibrator when she's moaning away. It will be an incredible experience for the both of you"
by Paul

Ice baby ice
"The best tip I could possibly give anyone who wants to improve there sex life would be to introduce, hot and cold. First take a ice cube into your mouth and give your man the best oral sex he's ever had, or place it up you and let him enter you, the hot and cold sensation sends me wild every time!!"
by Charline

Suck Toes
"Guy's and Girls don't be prudish, next time your down there, go a little bit further down and start at the feet. Make sure your partner and you are clean first, have a bath together first or give them a footbath. Pulp Fiction didn't have that big debate for nothing - Feet are Sexy! Suck and lick each toe and in between them and send your partner to heaven and back!"
by Tom

Softly does it
"Stroke each other sensuously all over except for your bits! Sit facing each other and start gently stroking all over. After an hour of stroking I can assure you that you will both be gagging for it!"
by Anonymous

Saliva Swizzle
"This one's for the ladies - next time you give him a blow job! Just before you start sucking and licking, close your mouth and swizzle your saliva about (try not to make funny noises!), doing this will produce more saliva that you can use to lubricate him. He'll love your really wet mouth and it will be easier for you to glide your lips up and down his willy!"
by Kate

Blow Job
The ultimate turn on for any man is, when you are down performing a blow job take his balls in your mouth and gently suck them and see his response! If you are a bit more daring and your partner is clean flick around his anus with your tongue his response will be wildfire!
By Coral